ARPL Season 12 Mid Season tournament.

Mid Season Tournament This Sunday the 18th at Live A Little
-$10/10,000 KRW per player
Scotch doubles, blind draw. Double elimination.
-Registration will begin at Live A Little at 1300 and cutoff time will be 1430. Tournament will kickoff at 1500.
-Between 1430 and 1500 Pat will be generating the bracket and assigning match locations according to the bar rotation of participating bars. Please be patient during this time.
-The bracket will be updated live online at
-To expedite and assist in the flow of the tournament, please utilize this site to determine opponents and match locations. If you click on any match the hour glass to the right will appear and show “match details.” This will be where match locations will be posted.
-There will be times where teams/players are waiting for opponents. Please be patient.
-Each match will be best of 3 games.
-Lag on first game. Then alternate breaks.
-All players must be part of the league and had to have played 3 nights in the first half (last 7 weeks) of the season.
-If you don’t want to play and just enter the raffle have your ticket purchased by 1430 $15 or 15,000 KRW for non players.
-Cash prizes will be:
1st place 400,000 KRW
2nd place 300,000 KRW
3rd place 200,000 KRW
4th place 100,000 KRW
5th place 50,000 KRW
-There will be 6 trophies for 1-3rd places as well.
-7 Perry poll cue giveaways from ticket drawings/raffle.
-We will have 30 pepperoni pizzas from Pizza School.
-The more players and bars participating the better.

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