Week 2 scoresheet discrepancies

Liberate 1 added Mansur with no annotation of payment

Wild Ones 2 already had “Big John” and “John” on their roster and added “Farmer John” without any annotation of payment. Also Toni was added without annotation of payment. Toni was originally on the first signup rosters listed as Wild Ones 1. If there was an intended transfer it should be annotated.

Choi’s 2 added Liles with no annotation of payment

Liberate 2 added Will, Broderick and Big Daddy with no sign of payment. Yoon was the only addition today who was annotated as paid.

Clash 2 added X without annotation of payment

Cool Bar 1 added Erik without annotation of payment

Live A Little 2 was written as Live A Little 1 on their scoresheet

Both Mass teams identified as “Mass 2” on their scoresheets. Mass 2 was correct. 1 was labeled as 2 incorrectly.

Loft 33 2 had two Davids. They were written as David M and David in the singles matches which is fine. In doubles they were both submitted as “David.” David G was awarded a win and David M was not since they were not distinguished.

Loft 33 2 added Daniel M with no sign of payment

Galaxy 2 has Yunam Cho and Hyonchul Cho on their roster but only wrote “Cho” during week 2.

Giant 2 added Avila with no indication of payment.

VFW 1. Is Kurt and Kirk two different people or the same person???? I have marked them as the same as of now.

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