Week 5 Scoresheet Discrepancies

D Grey 2 wrote their team name as D Grey 1

Liberate 1 added Jay without annotation of payment.

IDK 1 played Johny and Jonny in the second set. I’m hoping Jonny is the same as Jonny K who had been playing on the team and Johny is a new player who was not annotated as a new player or a sub or as paid.

Big Mama Nina. It’s my belief that Jimme, James Hagler and Jimmy are all the same person. Please clarify. Is Billy Bob the same as Billy Hickey? I am proceeding with scoring as such.

Choi’s 2 added Piggy without annotation of a new player. I may have missed this as somebody’s nickname before. Please clarify.

D Grey 1 added Brandon and Scott without annotation of payment.

IDK2 added Yumi without annotation of payment.

Wild Ones 1. “Big John” played with Wild Ones 2 on week one. Is this a transfer?

Cadillac added Bello without annotation of payment.

Clash 2 wrote their team name as Clash.

Cool Bar 2 added Glen without annotation of payment.

Loft 33 2 added Sal with no annotation of payment.

Galaxy 2 added Lee without annotation of payment.

Giant 2 added Flowers and JP without annotation of payment.

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