Players Stats Have Been Updated

The By Player Stats for each of the teams has been updated.

Here is the link.   Player Stats By Team

Let the rivalries begin.

You get 1 point for each game and 1/2 a point for a doubles game.  At week 3 I will Compile a list of the top 100 top 50 and top 20 shooters in the league.  You will have to have played at least 4 games to be considered in the Top shooters list.

Please team Captains look at the team score sheets and make sure that I spelled everyone’s names correctly and that all the players have paid.  There are a few players that were not listed on the team sign-up sheets and they were also not penciled in on the score sheets as new players.  I just want to make sure that we are all playing with legal players.  Send me a message on Facebook or reply to this blog and I will update and fix any errors that have come from poor handwriting or human error.

Also if we could start adding first name initials to new sub players so I can make sure they have not subbed for another team during the season.

I Greatly appreciate the help!

Enjoy your week and Good luck on Wednesday!!!!!

Tired Smiley Face

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