Division Drawing and Pool League Meeting to discuss Pool league by-laws

We will do the Division Teams drawing on 5 July 2018 at Crystal Bar at 7PM.

Second we will discuss and have a vote on the posted rules for end of season playoffs.  Please read the current rules to know that it states teams will be seeded in the order they finish in the regular season.  We will have a discussion on these rules and if we want changes, there will be a vote.  Option one: leave it as it is.  Option two: change to a Blind draw. Option three: seed on the top 8 teams by total points and everyone else in blind draw.  Option four: everyone is seeded.(means seed one will play seed thirty two, seed two will play seed thirty one, and so forth).  Team Captains, I expect each of you to talk to your team and get a consensus on how your team wants to vote.  If you do not show up or if you do not send a designated representative, you do not get a vote.  Bar owners will get one vote, and the League members get one vote, with the exception of the league president (only will vote for a tie-breaker if needed).  Everyone will sign in with their name, their position, and team name.  Others are welcomed to attend, but can not vote.  Once this is done, we will do the Division Drawings so we can put out the schedule.

Season 15 will start 11 July 2018.  Check this site for the schedules.  Will be posted by 8th of July.

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