(UPDATE) web guy screwed it up….The Results are in…..Season 16 Playoffs begins on Sunday 17 Feb

I messed up the seeding order and It has been corrected by the League officers!!!!!! Please look again at the seeding and playoff brackets again….sorry for the inconvenience!

All the scoresheets are in and that tally has been made.

#1 seed Bushwackers (Div 6 winner)

#2 seed Joey’s 2 (Div 2 winner)

#3 seed Islanders (Div 5 winner)

#4 seed Cool bar 2 (Div 1 winner)

#5 seed Liberate 2 (Div 4 winner)

#6 seed Liberate 1 (Div 3 winner)

#7 seed D-Grey 1 (at large)

#8 seed Cadillac 1 (at large)

Division standings and by player stats have been updated so check how your team stood up compared to all the others.

Good Luck to all the playoff teams!!

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