Captains meeting Tuesday 2 Apr 19 notes

  1. Score Sheets – use the nickname on the original sign-up sheets on the weekly scoresheets for turn in.  Other names used instead of the nickname will cost 1 point per wrong name.
  2. Substitute players that play as substitute and pay weekly.  the money paid as a substitute player doesn’t count towards a player becoming a team member.  Still required to pay the full amount.
  3. The Captain’s game.  The captain’s game #13 is a regular game and two timeouts are allowed per player during that match.
  4. Score sheets.  The new rule will be the Home team will be responsible for turning in the scoresheet. (note: this is because we do not know who won until the scoresheet is turned in, so if it was missing we need to know who to call.  We can look at the schedule and figure out who the home team was and who the team captain will be.)
  5. Pins were given out for weeks 2 and 3 winners for 8 Ball on the Break, Break and run, and 8 ball run.
  6. Rules and By-laws.  The President is looking at the current rules that need to be updated with some information that was approved earlier in the past year but not updated.  Once ready, we will post on-line as a downloadable PDF file for the team captains to download and read.  We need you to submit back to the President, Vice President, or turn in with your weekly scoresheets to the Treasurer after they are posted.  Will put in a timeframe we will need your thoughts and concerns so we can aggregate them together and get them out to everyone with all the issues and set up a time for a Captain’s meeting to vote on what changes we all would like to make.  Please share the rules and bylaws with all your team members and get their input.

Have a great day and hopefully we will have those Rules and By-Laws posted by this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Captains meeting Tuesday 2 Apr 19 notes

  1. I do not understand the changed rules. Why do you give the home team a responsibility without giving a penalty to the winning team who did not submit the score sheet? Is not enough for the home game, but is it giving the home team another responsibility?


    1. To make this easier to determine who is responsible to turn in the score sheet, we changed this to the Home team. Because we do not know who won the game and had that responsibility. It was to make it easier the next day to call the home team and ask them where the scoresheet was and then deduct the point. We haven’t deducted any points yet. But effect of when the League president put this out that the responsibility of the Home team was to turn in the scoresheet on Wednesday nights of the night of the game in case of make up, the points will start being deducted.


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