Season 18 Mid Season Blind Draw Scotch Doubles

When: 1 September 2019, sign up starts at 1300 hours until 1430 hours.

Where: VFW is home and we will publish the participating bars when that information is available.

Start Time: 1500 hours planned.

Who: All regular members of the Pool league. You need to have played on three separate days during weeks 1-7 games. Those who are regular members that do not meet the 3 games minimum are still eligible to participate in the raffle for pool cues and cases.

Information: You automatically get one raffle ticket when you sign up to play in the tournament. You may purchase extra tickets during the sign up time period.

If anyone wants to assist with the Tournament in running the events and helping to input the scores or sign up pool players, please email or text the Vice president of president. Let us know your name and phone number and we will call you or text you back with when and where to show up to help out.

Hope everyone has a great tournament and you get lucky and get the partner of your choice. Good luck.

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