Postponement of League Play Until further notice

Members, we are postponing League Play until the Military units are off lock-down. This will change the final week or regular play and the playoffs, which we will announce when we get notification of normal operations so personnel can come off post and play in the league.

Everyone be safe out there and protect yourselves. We will post more information when we know it for sure. Any questions please call the League President or the Vice President. Thanks

Season 19 Mid-Season Blind Draw Doubles Tournament.

2020 February 9 at DGrey Bar. Signup starts at 1300 hours until 1430 hours.

Once you sign up please be back to the Bar at 1430 for the Drawing of names for partners.

We will raffle off 10 pool cues and 5 cases during the course of play. If you sign up to play (10,000 Won or 10 US Dollars), you automatically get one ticket for the raffle. You can purchase additional raffle tickets for the same amount.

You have to be a regular player and have played 3 separate days during regular season play to be eligible for the raffle and to play. If you were only a sub during the season, you can’t play in the tournament or participate in the raffle.

Pool League Schedule for Season 19 updated to include two week break for Christmas and New Years

League will start back up on 8 January 2020, Wednesday. Enjoy your Holidays and New Years parties.

Updating individual scores, fixing penalties for those that stepped up and got them paid, making error corrections. Should be published by tomorrow morning, if finished. If not will update Week 6 into the changes and get that published by Friday night. Heading off to the US this Sunday until 8 January 2020 to make any corrections needed at that time.

Team Captain’s Meeting at Awesome Bar

There will be a Team Captain’s meeting at Awesome bar on Tuesday 17 December 2019. This will count as bonus points, so be there. We will be discussing taking the Christmas and New Year’s weeks off and extending the season for two week since these pool league play dates fall on Christmas Day and New Year’s day. Figured most of you gooses will be too hung over to play, and maybe there are a couple of family folks out there that need to be home for their family.

Anyways, show up and let us know if you would like to skip two weeks during the holiday season and we will update the schedule if so. Depends entirely on your votes, so show up and represent!

Season 19 Division drawing

10 November 2019, 1930 hours at D Grey Bar we will draw teams for the divisions.

Everyone is welcomed to attend, we should be able to post the schedules tonight after the drawing. You can stay and take a picture after we finish the drawing tonight.

Sorry for the late post for the location!

Season 19 Team sign-up sheets.

Need teams to complete their sign-up sheets by 8 November and turn into Live A Little (Ms. Soo). Plan is to start League Play on the 13 November.

Sunday 10 November we will do the Drawing for Divisions. Location will be posted later as soon as decision is made at to who will be opened. Everyone is welcomed, team captains and owners should be there if possible time will be 1930 hours.